Twin Cities Disability Law
Helping People Help Themselves
Serving the legal needs of disabled people seeking Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or Supplemental Security Income Benefits in the State of Minnesota

With over 20 years' experience as a Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income  attorney serving the Twin Cities, Minnesota (St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota) area, Linda Hopkins knows that SSA disability benefits are an important lifeline for many injured people.  Most people disabled from full-time work need the income and health care protection that SSA disability benefits provide.

Let's face it.  There are many law firms that work to secure disability benefits.  Why should you choose Twin Cities Disability Law Firm?  Because TWDLF works with you closely to learn your story.  You will receive answers in English, not lawyer speak.  You will be guided in documenting your medical care.  Our firm is not an 1-800 firm with attorneys that only see your file when walking into the hearing room.

TWDLF will work with you and family members to demonstrate how your disabilities impact your life.  We draw on our SSA experience (legal decision writer for the Office of Hearings and Adjudication Review), special education learning impairment and testing experience, and medical knowledge to assess your chances of success.  We respect diversity and understand your stress.

You can meet Ms. Hopkins in person or she may come to your home to begin the process.  She is available by phone or email to answer your questions when you need her.  

What our Clients say:

"When I was looking for a SSDI attorney, I knew I didn't want someone who advertises on T.V. with those schlocky commercials.  I felt that Linda's previous experience working as a Disability Examiner brought an extremely valuable “insider’s perspective” on the process.  This experience also gives her insights into how Examiners and ALJ’s think and what they are looking for.  I was also impressed with her high percentage of cases won. (Over 90%)  She speaks frankly and honestly about your case and your chances of approval.  I prefer someone to ‘give it to me straight’ rather than be more optimistic than the situation warrants.  And she also happens to be a sincerely nice person who is genuinely compassionate about what you’re going through."  
  - Melissa S:

"You were amazing."
    - T. Stromberg

 "I couldn't have won my case without your help."
    - A. Erickson